York air compressor

York air compressor

They said that all I'd have to do is plug the lubricating hole located behind the clutch assembly. Sounds easy enough so I searched the net although not very hard but could not find a write-up. I thought, " what the heck So what should one do when searching for a solution? Consult an expert. There is none that I know of, so I emailed Brad and asked him what he thought about removing the clutch and plugging the lubricating hole.

He wrote me back and said this would not completely eliminate oil blow-by, but there should be no problem. He did recommend that I vent the crank case to avoid blowing seals and o-rings.

He also told me that my solution to plug the hole behind the clutch was definitely the hard way to do this modification. Now here is where we get to the part of this write-up where I stress the importance of learning from other peoples' mistakes. In this case, they were my own mistakes. There is an easy way to do this project and there is a hard way to do this project.

Unfortunately, I did it the hard way. At this point, I was feeling a little clueless so I decide to put the head back on the York and remove it completely from the engine compartment. This was not a minor job. It was not that it was all that difficult, but it just takes time to remove the belts, hoses, clamps, bolts, etc. With the York out of the Jeep I removed the clutch.

Then you can remove the four bolts holding the magnetic thingy is that a technical term? Once you have everything opened up you can actually see the lubricating hole.

Pull out the seal resting on the bearing and stuff the space with paper, plastic, or whatever to prevent metal shavings from getting everywhere inside the compressor. I even put a little piece of paper in the lubricating hole. The hole is easily threaded with a tap no need to drill. Now blow all the metal shavings out and clean up the area.

Remove the paper towels or whatever you usedput some Loc-Tite on a plug and screw it in.

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You are finished. Put everything back together in the reverse order and the job is complete. That was easy, right?Do not use this item for any installation or repair of potable water applications.

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YORK® Multistage Centrifugal Compressors

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york air compressor

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Cancel Continue.One of the most time-honored rituals in four-wheeling is the airing down of your tires before you hit the trail. The problem is that you then need to refill them to street pressure before you hit the highway. The obvious solution is to carry an air tank or air compressor with you on the trail. There are several ways to do this: Carry a pre-filled air tank with you that has enough capacity to fill all four tires.

Install Confidence

This gives you a limited air supply, and doesn't allow you to help out your neighbors who need air. This is cheap and gives you unlimited air, but you have to wait forever. I have such a compressor.

york air compressor

If you have ARB air lockers, you can use the small compressor that powers those to fill your tires. Companies like Curry and Ready-Air sell electric compressors that you mount in your engine compartment. These often are setup to fill auxiliary air tanks mounted somewhere on the vehicle. The Quick Air 2 boasts 2. That's the setup that I'm using on my YJ. Not only will it fill tires, but it also keeps up with most smaller air tools.

You really should have a tank for any good onboard air setup. This ensures that you still have air if your engine dies, and it lets you run things like air tools that suck more volume than your compressor can put out. Some people weld shut the ends of their tube bumpers, nerf bars, or roll cages and tap a hole to mount the air fittings. For example, a 36" long, 3" diameter tube will hold 1.

This is a great idea, if you have such things on your vehicle. I don't yet. I opted for a used 6"x19", 2-gallon tank from an old portable air compressor rated at psi. It even came with the necessary brackets already welded onto it, as well as two threaded holes containing a drain plug, quick disconnect fitting, and psi pop-off safety valve. I just had to drill the mounting holes and cut off any brackets I didn't need. The next trick is tank placement. Some people put the tank inside the vehicle, but then you have to run the air lines through the firewall to reach the compressor.

It's also a safety hazard if the tank gets over-pressurized or dented and explodes. In a small vehicle like my YJ, inside space is at a premium, so I didn't want to waste it with a permanently-mounted air tank. That left three good spots that I could find on my YJ: Just behind and to the right passenger side of the radiator, in front of the fender well.

Behind the right fender well, underneath the battery tray.

york air compressor

Under the body tub, above, in front of, and parallel to the rear axle. Each spot is a different shape. The best choice depends on the shape of your tank and the amount of other stuff in your engine compartment. I chose to mount my tank by the rear axle.Consumers often opt for big brands when purchasing electrical systems such as air conditioning. While this statement stood true previously, today, it is not always the case and smaller HVAC manufacturers are catching up to the efficiency and reliability offered by well-known brands.

More and more manufacturers have entered the HVAC market, and consumers benefit as the law of demand and supply kicks in. As the supply of HVAC systems increases, consumers have a variety of options to choose from, while suppliers compete for every possible customer by improving their offerings and adding value to their services. This competition has also resulted in the decrease in costs of HVAC units. With a 4. Their lack of popularity has been attributed time and again to the poor installation of their systems by contractors — resulting in York air conditioner systems breaking down and their lowered durability.

Among these two series, York has 10 versatile units, each available in varying tonnages to fulfill every need. However, their units are relatively costlier and have lower efficiency ratings. This, combined with the fact that these units are widely sold to wholesalers, whose staff is not equipped or trained for all kinds of installations, has resulted in York being reviewed poorly online.

York has a relatively lower initial purchase cost when compared to its competitors — but there are many that offer an even lower price. However, there are several 21 SEER models as well that York offers in split room systems rather than central air conditioners.

Again, comparing both of these models with those available in the market with the same SEER, York remains slightly more expensive. There are a number of guardrails that protect the coil and compressor from debris, insulated bodies to reduce sound as much as possible and a powder finish to withstand weather changes.

If installed properly, these units can last a long time. Other complaints revolve around the cost of their units, however these are not as common. Finding expert contractors to help you install your HVAC units is not an easy task as everyone claims they know what they are doing. However, at modernize. The customers leave detailed feedback about their experience with the contractor, allowing you to quickly and easily look for a quality HVAC installer compatible with your requirements, near you.

Simply fill in the form below. Before we get into details about the terms and what they stand for, it is important to differentiate between the two series of York models:.

York AC clocks in at average when it comes to being energy efficiency as compared to its competitors. Its low-end units are all 13 SEER, making them ineligible for installation in some states. Other HVAC-manufacturing brands such as LG, Lennox, and Mitsubishi, offer more efficient air conditioners as well, in terms of central and, room air conditioners.

If you take into account the efficiency during heating season as well, it becomes the Energy Efficiency Ratio, or simply EER. York Air Conditioners offers users the chance to choose between both, two- and single-stage compressors. Some York AC units also have two-stage compressors that allow them to make adjustments to the working of a compressor in relation to the temperature of the room.

This results in low energy usage and steady temperature levels. The fan is responsible for taking the hot air in and blowing it past the cold coils containing the refrigerant, and for cooling down the condenser during the process.

To cool down the refrigerant gas, compressors apply positive pressure to turn the gas into a cold liquid. In order to heat it up, negative pressure is applied, actively heating the coil and in turn, the air that passes through.Bold Investments Create Jobs and Savings. Smarter, safer, more comfortable spaces promote learning and student achievement.

A Good Environment Facilitates Education. Ask us on Social Media Use our social channels to search for answers and ask questions. Featuring a rugged between-the-bearings design, one to eight stages of compression and modular lube systems, this multistage centrifugal compressor has proven itself in over 3, critical applications worldwide, in industries ranging from chemical to petrochemical, and hydrocarbon processing to refining.

We have been the leader in building and supplying heavy-duty centrifugal compressors for over 50 years, and our experience shows. Global Excellence - Process Refrig. Disclaimer: Lorem ipsum copy about spam sit amet, consectetur adipisicing elit, sed do eiusmod tempor incididunt ut labore et dolore magna aliquadolore magnam aliquam quaerat voluptatem. Connect With Us.

York Compressors & Parts

Find a location. Industries Industries. Insights Insights. Events Trade Shows Webinars Podcasts. All Rights Reserved.

Legal Privacy.One of the most time-honored rituals in four-wheeling is the airing down of your tires before you hit the trail. The problem is that you then need to refill them to street pressure before you hit the highway. The obvious solution is to carry an air tank or air compressor with you on the trail. There are several ways to do this:.

Mounting and belt routing are easy, because the factory brackets are available with the compressor from a junk yard. Without freon, they require an inline oiler for lubrication. The Yorks also have a long history of reliable performance and high-capacity output. However, much of the info here should carry over to other compressors as well. On an older vehicle, the York would be much easier to setup.

Com years after I created my setupall of this would be much easier albeit expensive. Installing a hand throttle helps boost the engine speed to get an output rate high enough to run air tools.

york air compressor

The maximum recommended RPM for a York isso be sure not to turn on your compressor while red-lining your engine.

If your compressor pulley is smaller than your crankshaft pulley, the compressor will be spinning faster than your engine. Many people on the Net were a great help in completing this project. Here is a collection of comments that other people have made on converting York compressors. Do you like this site? Help me keep it going by throwing a few pennies my direction. Links on this page to Amazon are part of an affiliate program that helps keep Jedi.

Thank you for your support!In order to use these compressors for pumping air, you need to have an external oiler feeding air into the intake hose and a filter to remove the oil from the output hose. Certain York-style compressors the big, boxy, vertical kind used an internal oil reservoir for lubrication, which makes them ideal for use as stand-alone air compressors.

Although the York has a separate oil reservoir, it still leaks some oil back into the discharge line. For over 6 years, I got around this problem by under-filling the oil in my compressor — as little as a single ounce of 10W The proper oil level is actually ounces. Under-filling worked OK, but the compressor got pretty hot when used for any length of time. There are two ways you can get around this problem without oil-starving your compressor.

This is probably the proper way to solve the problem, but it adds a lot of expense an a lot of extra plumbing to your OBA setup. The second solution and the one I chose to implement is to modify the York to reduce its oil discharge, supposedly without adversely affecting its internal lubrication.

Essentially, you partially dismantle the compressor and then plug an internal oil passage with a small set screw. More than 6 years after I first setup my York on-board air, I modified my compressor via the second method. The following includes photos and some caveats that I encountered along the way. Next, remove the clutch from the compressor body. If the compressor is still in the vehicle, make sure the clutch wire has been unplugged. On mine, these were too stubborn for a small wrench, but the impact wrench once again made short work of removing them.

Notice a theme here? Air tools make work easier. Having them available for trail repairs will really help. If your compressor is still attached to the vehicle, you can remove it now and relocate it to a clean workbench. If you never were quite sure what displacement your compressor was, now is an easy time to check.

Look at the end of the crankshaft. York clutch before removal York clutch after removal York sharp crank edge. Next, you must remove the woodruff key from the shaft so that you can later take the bearing seal off. To do this, take a large screwdriver, a brass drift punch, or some similar object and put it against the outer end of the key.

Using a BFH, drive the key toward the body of the compressor. That would really ruin your day. The slot for the woodruff key is half-moon shaped, so as you drive the key lengthwise along the shaft, the key will be forced out of the slot.


York shaft key York shaft key removal York shaft key removed. I went hog wild with this. Instead of just removing loose crud, I used a wire wheel and a power drill to strip the entire compressor down to shiny, bare aluminum. It looks much nicer now. Just for good measure, I also shot the clutch bracket and pulley with a quick coat of semi-gloss black Rustoleum paint.

Pull the dust cover and retaining plate off the shaft and carefully lay them aside. In my case, it stuck to the bottom of the plate when removed. Next, remove the seal spring from the shaft. The top of the spring has a metal plate with four notches in it. The rubber seal under the retainer plate has four notches to fit into these grooves. Make sure they line up upon reassembly.

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